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What Are Your Current and Future Challenges On the Path of Life

Hello fellow wayfarer,
We are all on the path of life, and some of us have challenges… blah blah and this is where you’ll write something to the audience, inviting them to reveal the two images below, which are randomly chosen for them, as in a tarot or oracle card reading.
See you on the path,
David McLeod

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Welcome to Sacred Mirror Falls, where together we will learn about Identity in a way that might be new to you. This key is critical to your growth as a human being, and will serve you in many amazing ways. When facing identity issues, you’ll experience apathy along with a kind of longing and impatience that is with you at all times. Your challenge is to realize your magnificence and begin to express your light.

This Represents What Will Come…
What you should focus on in the future. What to expect and how to deal with coming challenges.