Your Inner Entrepreneur

Access and Enhance Your Inner Executive Brain Network for Greater Business Intuition, Insight and Income

Part of the Inner Guides Series

by Christopher Van Buren

We all have an Inner Entrepreneur…or as neuroscience calls it, an Entrepreneur Brain, or Central Executive Network. It’s the part of our brain that we use when we need to access information about certain aspects of life, such as creating our desired lifestyle.

But did you know that your Inner Entrepreneur can help you create more “flow” in your life…flow of money, energy, good will and information.  

Your Inner Entrepreneur can also give you powerful business insight and intuition. This can be essential in decision making and navigating the challenging and often confusing paths of generating income and abundance.

Get the complete ebook, accompanying audios, Assessment Quiz, and unique protocols and processes to help you build and shape your Inner Entrepreneur for greater success! 

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