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Creativity & The Brain
(The Complete Course)

Learn how to stimulate your creative brain and activate the neurological key to creativity and wellness.

The Money Vibe Method
(The Complete Course)

Learn the habits, skills & mindset to that will put you on a fast-track to wealth! Jackie is an amazing teacher and her interactive, personalized approach will get you results!

Gateway to Conscious Evolution
(Barbara Marx Hubbard)

Be among the first to pass through the 7 portals toward a new human consciousness. Join Barbara Marx Hubbard on an Evolutionary Journey through the seven portals that are the seven stages of becoming a universal human.

The Power of Publishing

Considering writing a book? Or maybe your second or third book? Get advice from the master of publishing, Bill Gladstone, super-agent, author and publisher. This course will give you all the information you need to make your book writing and publishing experience a success!


Running a small business or side project? Are you involved in marketing, sales, or business communication of any kind? Then this program will give you important keys to improving your influence, persuasion and overall sales.

Digital Marketing Masterclass

Learn Digital Marketing Without the Hype!. Don’t try to repeat what others have done…learn how to apply proven digital marketing strategies to your own business.

Your Inner Money Wisdom

Have you met your inner entrepreneur? That’s the part of your brain that helps you tap into your inner wisdom around money, happiness & success. It’s there for you to access and this program teaches you how, while establishing practical protocols for increasing flow, expanding perception, and disempowering negative voices within.

Your Inner Guide to Intimacy & Creativity

Have you met your inner artist? This part of you is connected to your creative brain network and helps you find innovative answers to life’s challenges. It also helps you create more intimacy in your life. Check it out.

Your Inner Healer & Teacher

Your inner healer is the part of you that regulates and guides the other aspects of your Self. It’s connected to the Salience Network of your brain — which helps you balance your life, restore your energy and cleanse your thoughts of toxic patterns. Your inner healer is your greatest teacher.

Practical NeuroWisdom

This series of mini-ebooks provides practical neuroscience strategies to improve your life and resolve specific issues. You’ll learn to manage stress, overcome trauma, combat overwhelm, improve communication and much more. Download the series.

NeuroMoxie “Money & The Brain” Summit

Get key strategies and practical applications for stimulating your key brain networks, emotion centers, belief patterns and more!  The result… more money, happiness & success. Check out all the summit presentations here.

Club Price: $9.99

Mindful Guide to Relationships

Learn the inner and outer tools to uplevel your relationships, increase passion and establish connection. This 3-part series provides audio, video and text lessons.

Club Price: $24.95

The Journey of the Noble Spirit

We need a code to live by that exalts and ennobles us. We need guidance in the face of challenging situations and emotions. We need a way to find our truth in our daily lives and to live as our Noble Selves. This is the journey of the Noble Spirit.

Full Access: $49

Past Life Regression

Explore the power of past life regression. These two audios are designed to trigger your past life memories and help you bring the important lessons forward into your current storyline.

2 full audio regressions — self-guided and fully guided.

Club Price: $29

Higher Life Design Mini-Course

Pack your bags because you’re taking a trip to the good life. Network marketing millionaire Jefferson Santos shares his secrets to designing a high-flying life.

3 complete modules with audios by Jefferson and PDF downloads.

Club Price: $97

The Hypo-Thyroid Diet

Are you experiencing problems in losing weight and fatigue? Don’t panic! You’re not alone. Thousands of people suffer from some form of hypothyroidism and there are some simple answers for you. Dr. D’s hypothyroid diet optimizes you metabolism. It enables the body to buurn more calories because the body runs more efficiently.

Over 40 video lessons, plus bonus PDF download and reports.

Club Price: $69

Life Mastery Way

A specially crafted series of steps that unlock the power of purpose in unimaginable ways. Master the Path of Life.

Video presentations, Multi-Media Flipbooks, Bonus Materials.

Club Price: $97