Sacred Commerce, 2nd Edition

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Dear fellow seeker,

We are entering a new era that echoes a forgotten past…but also stretches forward into a new frontier of technology, spirituality and awareness. We are witnessing the return of the sacred in all things. The return of the Merchant Priesthood.

It is with enormous pleasure that we bring you this new book, Sacred Commerce, 2nd Edition, by Ayman Sawaf and Rowan Gabrielle, which heralds the return of the Merchant Priesthood. Some of what you’ll read will reflect ideas you’ve already had about business and spirituality. Some parts will actually blow your mind with their clarity and truth, whilst other parts will entice you with history and intrigue from a past age coming into new form.

We urge you to get two copies of Sacred Commerce, 2nd Edition — one for yourself and one for that special friend who seeks to change the world through the search for Beauty, Goodness and Truth in their commercial dealings.

Welcome to the new Merchant Priesthood,
–The Sacred Commerce Team